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Welcome to the information-sharing pages sponsored by the Association of Washington Tribes and the Coast Salish Gathering (AWT/CSG). The information on this site is for the exclusive use of tribal leaders, staff, and the invited guests of elected tribal leaders.

The proposed expansion of a new and powerful industry into the Northwest increasingly presents tribal leaders with a number of questions about how the energy export industry could affect natural resources, cultural heritage, the environment, human health and sovereign rights.  

The new coal industry export proposals are the vanguard of a wave of new energy export facilities: tar sands, shale oil, liquid natural gas, and coal.  

AWT/CSG leaders recognize each tribe controls its own destiny and will determine how best to track and respond to proposed Northwest energy export and transportation projects.

The various tabs on this website allow tribal leaders and staff to obtain up-to-date and verifiable information on proposed terminals and their impacts, from a central hub of information. 




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57 Northwest Tribes Adopt Resolution Opposing All New Northwest Fossil Fuel Transport and Export Proposals.

See Press Release and
ATNI Resolution No.13-47  
(May 2013)


Other News Updates

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